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Radiation Shielding


In physics, radiation is a process in which energetic particles or energy or waves travel through a medium or space. There are two distinct types of radiation; ionizing and non-ionizing. The word radiation is commonly used in reference to ionizing radiation only (i.e., having sufficient energy to ionize an atom), but it may also refer to non-ionizing radiation. The energy radiates from its source. This geometry naturally leads to a system of measurements and physical units that are equally applicable to all types of radiation. Both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation can be harmful to organisms and can result in changes to the natural environment.


Tungsten Radiation Shielding

Tungsten is used in many radiation shielding applications including industrial, nuclear and medical. Because of its high density and high atomic number, is an effective construction material for shielding from gamma rays and x-rays. Lead and boron carbide can shield radiation too, but can't performance as good as tungsten alloy.

radiation shielding

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